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Presidential aide says Egypt is going downhill

February 10, 2014 at 11:23 am

Kuwait’s Al-Watan newspaper has reported that a spokesman for the Interim President of Egypt has said that the country is “going downhill” as long as the current situation continues. Ahmed Muslimani’s statement has “shocked and surprised” his colleagues, claimed the pro-coup newspaper.

Commenting on the statement, which was made in a private reception, Al-Watan said, “It seems that the officials of the state and the presidency are making public statements that are the opposite of what they say behind closed doors.” The newspaper argued that Muslimani’s statement provides clear evidence for this duplicity. “He is, after all, the media spokesman for the president.”

Al-Watan pointed out that Muslimani justified his comment by saying that Egypt is suffering from an economic crisis which will affect it dramatically during the coming days. “However, the resources of the state can no longer handle the recession,” he said, “including the withdrawal of investments, the disruption to the wheels of production, and meeting the demands of the individual groups.”

Muslimani’s statement has not only shocked those present at the function at which he spoke, but also triggered panic among the Egyptian and other elites which have supported the coup from the very beginning.