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Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria find hope in Gaza

February 13, 2014 at 5:53 am


The repercussions of the revolution in Syria have overshadowed the lives of thousands of Palestinians living in refugee camps in the conflict torn country. Many of these refugees continue to face the threat of being targeted and killed by the Syrian regime as part of its war against the opposition.

In recent weeks, dozens of Palestinian families fleeing the killing in Syria have wound up in the Gaza Strip where they are now attempting to adapt to their new lives under siege.

Some have even begun to open small businesses in the hope of providing enough for themselves and their families to survive.

Just yesterday, one such refugee opened the ‘Damascus Restaurant for Eastern Food’ which serves various types of Syrian food including an assortment of pancakes. The venture has so far been quite a success with Gazans rushing to sample the new cuisine, and signifies an opportunity for a more secure life for these resilient and hopeful individuals.

MEMO Photographer – Mohammed Asad

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