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Despite new electric fences, African migrants continue to cross into Israel

February 15, 2014 at 1:25 pm

Despite the construction of a new security wall along the Israel-Egypt border, African migrants continue to cross into Israel illegally, Israeli media has said.

A statement issued on Monday by the Israeli occupation forces said that they had arrested four African ‘infiltrators’ during April. They succeeded in crossing the wall, the statement said, as they managed to scale it but were the immediately arrested.

The Israeli occupation said that this is the first infiltration attempt to have been monitored since the completion of the wall, which is more than five-metre high.

The Israeli daily Maariv said that the Israeli occupation army knew about the infiltrators as they climbed the wall and directed a group of soldiers to the area to arrest them.

Meanwhile, the local Israeli newspaper Yisrael Hayoum, said: “This could not be the first infiltration during this month.” The newspaper said that “five other African infiltrators have crossed the wall and have already entered Israel.”

Sources inside the Israeli occupation army expected that infiltration would continue either from above or beneath the wall.

Israel has recently built electric security fences along its borders with Egypt and Syria.