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Qatar demands halt to Israeli aggression against the al-Aqsa Mosque

February 15, 2014 at 1:25 pm

On Wednesday, Qatar denounced the repeated Israeli aggression against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Muslim worshipers inside the sanctuary yard, as well as the kicking the Holy Quran.

The Qatari Ministerial Council convened yesterday chaired by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin-Jasim. The Sheikh called on the international community to condemn Israeli aggressions in the holy city and to quickly intervene to stop it.

He also asked the international community to exert pressure against Israeli Judaisation plans in Jerusalem which aim to change its Islamic appearance. Meanwhile, the head of the Qatari mission for the rebuilding of Gaza, Ambassador Mohamed al-Imadi, toured their ongoing constructions projects. The ambassador was accompanied by a group of senior Qatari officials.

The officials offered pieces of advice to the contractors carrying out the projects. The ambassador said that his country is doing its best to help Palestinians in Gaza overcome the effects of the Israeli siege imposed with international support in 2006.

At the same time, the Palestinian Minister of Awqaf in Gaza, Ismail Redwan, invited the head of the Internal Union for Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Yousof al-Qaradawi, to visit the Gaza Strip. Al-Qaradawi accepted the invitation and promised to visit the Strip next May.