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Qatari re-construction projects in Gaza move briskly ahead


The Qatari Committee has begun the second phase projects in the Gaza Strip which include Salah al-Din Street and other subsidiary roads. This is one of the main roads in the Gaza Strip which connects the north to the south, and the first section of it is due to be completed imminently.

The Qatari ambassador, Muhammad Imadi, urged contracting companies and advisory offices to observe quality implementation of the projects and maintain periodic checks on the different stages of work. At the same time, the ambassador esteemed the efforts being made toward the completion of these projects which will constitute a qualitative shift in the Gaza Strip.

The Committee asserts that by the end of this month, seven new projects are due to be received from executive companies and confirmed that the mechanisms for road construction projects were moving ahead at an accelerated pace. This is because the most difficult construction stages related to infrastructure facilities and extending the water, electricity and communications network have now been overcome.

The paving of roads is considered of significance in the Gaza Strip and something that citizens need; it will reduce the number of road accidents, traffic jams, crowding and the damage being done to vehicle. Moreover, it will lead to a recovery in trade and will lend a more modern veneer to the city.

MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad

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