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Activities in solidarity with hunger strike prisoner, Khader Adnan, continue

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

On Wednesday 15.02.2012, activities in solidarity with the hunger strike prisoner, Khader Adnan, continued across West Bank cities where the Organisation of Conscience and Palestinian Youth Movement, alongside representatives of the Legislative Council and official and popular personalities, held solidarity protests outside the Zionist Ofer Military Detention Centre in Beitouna to the West of Ramallah and in front of the Red Cross Headquarters in the town of Bireh in the centre of the West Bank.
The participants called on International and Human Rights Organisations, and the Red Cross to urgently and immediately intervene in order to ascertain Khader Adnan’s situation, which has entered an extremely dangerous stage, and to provide treatment and care for him.

In a letter written by Khader Adnan at the Israeli Safed Hospital where he is currently admitted, he mentioned that he was proud of the Palestinian people who have stood by him and supported his just demands and paid tribute to all those who have stood by him and his family. Adnan confirmed that he would continue his hunger strike until his release.
In a speech delivered by the Islamic deputies during the protest, they stressed that Khader Adnan had become a model of patience, resistance and steadfastness. They confirmed that administrative detention was an unfair sentence suffered by many prisoners, most notably, Dr Aziz Dweik, the Chairman of the Palestinian Legislative Council alongside approximately 30 other deputies and ministers.
The Deputies and participants in the protest placed the full responsibility for the life of Adnan Khader on the Israelis and for any harm that may come to him or his health in the case that his just demands are not met.
It is worth mentioning that Khader Adnan has begun his 60th consecutive day of hunger strike in protest against his administrative detention and to demand that he be released from prison.