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Dahlan accuses Abbas of offering concessions at Camp David

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

In the wake of his televised dismissal of the right of return for Palestinian refugees, a former close ally has accused PA President Mahmoud Abbas of compromising on national ideals as long as ago as the discussions at Camp David. Ex-Fatah official Mohammed Dahlan has revealed that during talks at the US presidential Camp David retreat Abbas proposed compensation in lieu of the right of return and tourist-style trips to the towns and cities from which refugees were expelled by the Israelis.

“This is not the first time that Mahmoud Abbas has offered cheap concessions,” Dahlan claimed. “It was at Camp David that he gave up the right to return.”

Relations between Abbas and Dahlan have been troubled recently, with each claiming the other is mired in corruption. Describing how Abbas tried to pin the blame for such concessions on him, Dahlan said, “Abbas leaked false information to the media saying that I was personally behind a bundle of concessions.”

The former Fatah strongman used his Facebook page to make insulting comments about Abbas’s age and point out that the “real intentions” of people usually come out in due course.
Despite his expulsion from Fatah, observers say that Dahlan still has influence and is aiming to depose the PA President.