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Egyptian delegation heads to Gaza for solidarity visit

February 17, 2014 at 11:20 pm

Leading members of Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party are heading to Gaza for a visit in solidarity with the people of Palestine. The chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, Dr. Sa’ad Al-Katatni, will lead the delegation, which includes non-Islamist politicians and prominent personalities.

According to Dr. Murad Ali, the party’s media consultant, the delegation is going “to support the Palestinians in their ordeal at the hands of the Zionist entity” as it “continues its massacres in Gaza”.

In a statement, Dr. Ali said: “The party extended an invitation to representatives of all political parties and civil society groups to join the delegation leaving Cairo today.” He noted that a number of prominent people accepted the invitation, including Hamadin Sabahi, an ex-presidential candidate; journalist Yusri Fouda; poet Sayed Hijab; and Dr. Amro Hamzawi, an ex-parliamentarian.