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Fuel crisis breakthrough in Gaza

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Diesel fuel is expected to flow again to Gaza through the tunnels from Egypt in the coming days. The news was revealed by a member of the board of directors of the oil companies’ syndicate in the Gaza Strip, Mohammed Al-Abadla.

Speaking to the local media, Mr. Al-Abadla said that agreements have been reached with the tunnel operators and suppliers in Egypt to ease the fuel crisis in the beleaguered Gaza Strip. He explained that the diesel will be pumped through following the end of Cairo’s austerity measures and the distribution of fuel to Egyptian dealers, which have had a negative effect on supplies to Gaza.

According to Al-Abadla, cooking gas and gasoline, both normal and super, are available in Gaza’s petrol stations and the new agreements apply only to diesel.

The news comes at a time when government sources have said that there has been a significant improvement in the electricity supply recently due to the mild weather conditions, which led to reduced demand by consumers. “There is still a serious crisis, however,” a spokesman warned. He pointed out that even with a flow of “tunnel diesel” the needs of Palestinians in Gaza will not be met fully.