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Israeli TV channel claims Sinai invasion is possible

February 17, 2014 at 11:18 pm

Israel’s Channel 10 TV station website has quoted Israeli political sources as saying that if the newly-appointed Egyptian army commanders don’t work with Israel, then the Israel Defence Forces will invade Sinai to suppress terrorist groups.

The website added that the series of retirements and changes in army personnel which were made by President Morsi are not expected to signal a major change in Egypt-Israel relations. However, it noted that the new commanders will not be in a hurry to express any close relations with Israel, which is, claims Channel 10, “logical”. Nobody in Israel really anticipated such a wholesale change as a result of the Sinai attack.

Israel, it is claimed, has not assessed the extent to which the Egyptian army’s standing could have altered as a result of the latest operation in Sinai, noting that the Muslim Brotherhood now feels confident enough to carry out what it says is a “coup” in all but name, removing the army’s post-Mubarak political powers in the process.

Channel 10 believes that Morsi’s decision will be a blow to the United States because Sami Anan is considered to be a close ally by Washington. The TV station surmised that Morsi had probably been planning his move for a while as Egypt moves towards becoming what the Israelis believe will be an Islamist country similar to the Turkish model.