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Palestinian Authority in Ramallah condemns Israeli "theft" of tax revenue

February 17, 2014 at 11:14 pm

The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah has condemned Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz for saying that Tel Aviv will continue to block the transfer of tax revenues belonging to the PA if national reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas is realised.

Government spokesman Ghassan El-Khatib said on Sunday that Steinitz’s statement is an attempt “to cover up the theft of Palestinian funds by Israel”; the withholding of tax revenue, added El-Khatib, is “against all agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority”.

Mr. El-Khatib pointed out that the Israeli government’s refusal to resume the transfer of this important source of income to Ramallah will affect the PA’s ability to fulfil its obligations towards its citizens, particularly with regard to employees’ salaries.