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Settlement expert warns of Israeli plan to displace thousands more Palestinians

February 17, 2014 at 11:14 pm

An expert on settlement issues has warned of an Israeli plan which will displace thousands of Palestinian citizens from 20 towns and villages near Hebron in the occupied West Bank. Abdul Hadi Hantash has told the Palestinian media that the Israeli authorities have confiscated thousands of acres of land south and east of Hebron on what he says are very flimsy security grounds. The occupation authorities have also established a number of settlements on the confiscated land, including Ammon, Susiya and Carmel. These have expanded quickly and are the focus for the establishment of smaller satellite settlements.

According to Mr. Hantash, the Israelis have also issued demolition notices to Palestinians in the village of Susiya, and have already demolished a small village inhabited by 41 Palestinian families on the grounds that it is located close to the apartheid wall. He said that the primary objective of the Israelis’ actions in the Hebron district is to empty the land of its Palestinian population completely. Apart from home demolitions and displacement of the residents, this is evident from the intimidation faced by Palestinians and the obstacles put in place by the Israelis which prevent them from continuing with their businesses.