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Al-Khatib: Sheikh Salah's trial is "political"

February 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Sheikh Kamal al-Khatib has confirmed that the trial of Sheikh Raed Salah is a political trial unrelated to the judgement or to justice. He also stressed that in the wake of the massacre on the ‘Freedom Flotilla’, a programmed Zionist attack on the Arab members of the Knesset and on Palestinian citizens of Israel had emerged.

In an exclusive statement to The Palestinian Information Centre, the Vice Chair of the Islamic movement within Israel said that Sheikh Salah was imprisoned for his principled stance in defence of Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa mosque and that “the charges brought against him, which accuse him of spitting at a policeman, are baseless. We all saw how Jewish settlers attacked the police when they were being evacuated from the Gaza Strip; they spat and threw eggs, footwear and dirty substances, however, not a single one of them was put on trial.”

Concerning the Zionist attacks on the Arab members of the Knesset and Palestinian citizens in the wake of the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ Sheikh Khatib considers said; “the Zionist establishment, particularly Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have continuously stated that Arab Israelis are a cancer in the body of ‘the state’, as such and according to medical understanding, this cancer must be deracinated, which is the way the average Arab is viewed.”

He added “there is no doubt that level of cohesion between Palestinian citizens of Israel and the Palestinian people in general recently witnessed and exemplified by the demonstrations that followed the massacres in Gaza and resulting in the death of 13 individuals during the second intifada, is a victory for al-Aqsa, and al-Quds. This level of cohesion is also evidenced by Palestinian citizens of Israel having participated in the ‘freedom flotilla’; a matter that has led to a rise in the levels of Zionist hatred and resentment from parties and who consequently seek to punish Israeli Palestinians for these attitudes.”

With specific reference to the daily violations faced by Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa mosque, and Jerusalem has no value without what they refer to as the Temple. The equation is obvious; they say that the Jerusalem belongs to them and that al-Aqsa mosque should be a temple while on the other hand, we insist and firmly believe that Jerusalem is ours and that the al-Aqsa mosque will never be a temple. As such, it is a matter of patience and a question of who will withstand more in order to validate their convictions.

With regard to the issue of the Jerusalem deputies being threatened with expulsion, “the formula being employed clearly  aims at emptying Jerusalem of its inhabitants”, and as such we call on everyone to fulfil their responsibilities with regard to Jerusalem, its sanctity and its inhabitants.

Source: The Palestinian Information Centre

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