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Dahlan receives 'clandestine' treatment in Tel Aviv hospital

Hebrew media sources have revealed that the leader of the Palestinian Liberation Movement 'Fatah', Mohammed Dahlan, was admitted to the Israeli Asuta hospital in Tel Aviv on Tuesday morning (14.09.2010) to undergo various medical examinations and to receive medical treatment 'secretly'.

According to the Hebrew daily, Yediot Ahronot, in its Tuesday (14.09.2010) edition, Dahlan stayed in the "cardiothoracic surgery" department to undergo numerous tests to discover the cause of the severe chest pain he had been experiencing. The newspaper indicated that his treatment would be completed in "complete secrecy".

Quoting well-informed sources within the Asuta hospital, Yediot Ahronot confirmed that Dahlan was currently undergoing examinations described as being "normal and routine" and he will be discharged in the next few hours.

Source: Quds Press

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