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Egypt supports recognition of independent Palestinian state

February 20, 2014 at 3:34 pm

Egypt’s Foreign Minister has said that his country will support the Palestinian move for UN recognition of an independent Palestinian state in September. Mohamed Kamel Amr said that the decision taken by the Palestinian Authority is supported by all Arab countries, and that Egypt has supported the plan from the beginning.

Speaking to journalists, Amr said that Egypt, as the head of the Non-Aligned Movement, has sent messages to all countries around the world urging them to back the request for a UN resolution recognising an independent State of Palestine.

In response to Israeli criticism and accusations that Egypt is unable to control the security situation in Sinai, the Foreign Minister said that this matter is being handled in the conventional way. The Egyptian leadership, he added, “is in full control of the situation”.

With regards to a question about foreign funding and the statements made by the US ambassador to Cairo that the US was offering $40 million in aid to Egyptian civil society organisations, Mr Amr said that Egypt’s position is clear: “As a matter of principle, Egypt rejects direct US funding to unregistered associations; this principle is accepted across the world. In addition, funding for registered organisations [from overseas donors] must be transparent and provided through the Egyptian government, in accordance with treaties signed between Egypt and the United States.” The minister expects those treaties to be upheld by both parties.