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Foreign Minister calls on Palestinians to complete national reconciliation

Egypt's Foreign Minister has called on a Palestinians to make a breakthrough and complete national reconciliation. In a meeting in Cairo on Tuesday, Minister Mohamed Amr was presented with a draft document setting out ideas on how to move forward with the implementation of the reconciliation agreement by a group from the Palestinian Informal Dialogue Project, sponsored by Finland's Crisis Management Initiative.

A Press Release issued by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that the group's talks with the Minister touched on the future of the Palestinian issue in the light of the current developments and the need to bring about an end to Palestinian division. Mr Amr confirmed the Egyptian government's intention to continue its support for the Palestinians and sponsorship of the reconciliation agreement. He advised the Palestinian factions to use the current momentum to achieve a breakthrough in national reconciliation and agree on a unified political programme enjoying the consensus of all groups.

The Minister told the delegation that Egypt will study the draft document and work in cooperation with the Palestinians to implement what is in the best interests of the Palestinian people.

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