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Jerusalem organisation blames Rabbis for 'systematic war' on Islamic symbols

February 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm

The Christian-Islamic Organisation for the support of Jerusalem and its sanctities has placed full responsibility for the ‘systematic and dangerous war’ being launched by Israeli settlers against Muslim mosques on Jewish rabbis.

In a written press statement released today [05.10.2010] by Hassan Khatir, the secretary general of the organisation, it was asserted that the settlers had begun to ‘rapidly’ head toward a declaration of war on mosques and religious symbols in Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinians Territories. It further indicated that yesterday’s arson attack on one of the mosques in the town of Beit Fajjar located in the south of Bethlehem comes on the heels of a number of similar other recent crimes that have targeted more than ten mosques.

According to Khatir, these crimes and violations are nothing more than a “translation of religious edicts disseminated by these rabbis into the hearts and minds of these criminals who are recklessly dismissive of all laws, symbols and humanitarian and religious values”.

The statement also apportioned a large amount of the blame for recent events to the US administration for “Washington’s failure to resolve the situation relating to the Occupation’s continued expansion of settlements and other issues related to the conflict. This is what has encouraged them in their dangerous excesses which no longer have an upper limit and are now threatening to drag the entire region into a religious conflict.”

Source: Quds Press