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OIC office damaged in Israeli attack

The branch office of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference in Gaza was damaged during Israel's attack on the territory on 31 July. Offices belonging to a number of NGOs were also affected by the latest Israeli raid, when the windows of a six-storey building occupied by civil and international institutions were shattered by a series of raids by Israeli aircraft; one man was killed and ten people were injured. The OIC office was used by its Department of Humanitarian Affairs; even though the damage was relatively slight the department's work will be disrupted.

The Israeli attack has been condemned by a number of humanitarian and grassroots organisations as this disruption will have a negative impact on residents of the besieged Strip. In a statement, the organisations called for an end to "Israeli violations, especially those targeting areas close to humanitarian offices". Such attacks present a particular challenge to relief and aid work in the area.

The OIC opened this field office in the wake of Israel's assault and invasion of 2008/9, as part of the effort to rebuild Palestinian society. Many relief and development projects have been implemented in the short period since the office was opened.

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