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Palestinian government spokesman in Gaza, Tahir al-Nono, convenes press conference

February 20, 2014 at 3:32 pm


In a press interview today, the Palestinian government spokesman in Gaza, Tahir al-Nono, confirmed that that the government was in favour of national dialogue prior to the transition to a national unity government.

Al-Nono also confirmed that Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s initiative is to begin with national dialogue aimed at finding a durable solution to problems rather that entering dialogue which ends in failure like the Makkah Agreement did.

With regard to the youth movements aimed at ending the division, he said; “We welcomed this move and the President gave instructions to facilitate popular action to end the division. However, certain factions, specifically the Left Front would like to transform the movements according to clearly partisan objectives.”

Fatah interference in these movements has brought about two directions, one of which is organisational under General Tawfik Tirawi and the other is under the former security services. The latter demands that movements go out in force and that they do not demand an end to division but rather that they go out under divisive slogans such as demands for an end to the coup, as they put it, and to provoke chaos.

Al-Nono turned to the fact that there was a determined need for a scheduled agenda of activities and discussions involving all national groups and nothing more. He indicated that protests had begun to take on a military feel despite initial arrangements being completely different and the fact that there was an agreement for activities to come to an end at 5:00pm on Tuesday.

He explained that what had occurred over the past few days was an attempt to create a hotbed of tension and a situation of instability in Gaza.

MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad