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The Ramallah Government: church torching by settlers was response to UNESCO decision

The Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Information has expressed that they consider the recent burning of a Christian church in occupied Jerusalem by a group of Jewish settlers a “response to decisions made by the UN organisation for education, culture and science, UNESCO, the most recent of which was its refusal to include the Ibrahimi Mosque and the Mosque of Bilal bin Rabah on what is known as the “list of Jewish heritage sites”.

In a press statement released by on Sunday (31.10.2010), the Ministry said that “the burning of the ground floor of the church two days ago, including all its contents, constitutes a clear case of religious terrorism against Christian and Muslim holy places and attests to other dark crimes that have been blessed and fuelled by extremist rabbinical edicts, which pursues the Palestinian presence; human, vegetal or rock, and does not distinguish between a mosque and a church.”
The Ministry also expressed deep concern over “the escalating Jewish settler attacks against Palestinian civilians, mosques, churches, schools and farms” and demanded that the UN Security Council and the General Assembly “put immediate pressure on the Israeli occupation to end the violating practices of the settlers.”

Source: Quds Press

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