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Jewish extremists attack Arab MP in Knesset and demand his expulsion

February 27, 2014 at 11:33 pm

In a letter to the Minister of Security Jewish extremists called for the removal of Arab parliamentarian, Said Nafa, of the National Democratic Alliance from the Israeli Knesset and his expulsion to Syria.

The letter, which contained obscene words, included: “After we had received the Azmi Bishara …now we have this Said Nafa, a spy in the fifth column of the Knesset. If he was a Jew in Syria, he would have been suspended on a rope in the streets. It is time to throw all this garbage out of the Knesset.”

The letter also states that: “You, as Minister of security, have to expel this spy over the borders. There is no option for the State of Israel but to restore the military government with Arabs, it is their villages that export all acts of vandalism, and Lieberman is right that this MP should be stripped of his nationality.”