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Abbas' election call set to reinforce division

February 28, 2014 at 10:47 am

The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” held the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, fully responsible for the consequences of his issuance of a decree setting the election date to early next year, pointing out that the decree flies in the face of national agreement prospects.

Hamas said in a written statement issued by its press office, a copy of which was acquired by Al Quds Press, “Mahmoud Abbas and his team bear full responsibility for the consequences of this decree, which aims to deepen the division and turn it into a historical split with political and geographical dimensions.”

The Movement considered “holding the elections without a national agreement as the first step toward rigging the election and tailoring it to suit Abbas and his team only; the decree reflects Abbas’ true intentions regarding reconciliation and real political partnership.”

Hamas has announced its rejection of the decree that sets a date for the election, declaring it “illegal”, because Abbas has lost his legitimacy and his jurisdiction has become obsolete since January 2009, so he is not entitled to issue any decrees or decisions on issues related to the Palestinian people, because such decisions only entrench the national division.”

He also added, “Hamas, which participated in the legislative elections in 2006, respects the democratic choice [of voters] and abides by its results, but we emphasize that the elections must be the fruit of reconciliation, not an alternative to it, as Abbas wants it to be.”

The movement asserted that “Abbas’ decree came in response to Israeli and US pressures and demands, and is nothing but a blatant expression on the state of confusion and lack of sense of national responsibility on the part of the Oslo Group,” the statement read.