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An Israeli military decision to prevent Sheikh Akrama Sabri from entering "Al-Aqsa" for six months.

The so-called leader of the "internal front" in the Israeli army issued a signed decision under the "British deputing emergency law", which banned Sheikh Dr. Akrama Sabri, Head of the High Islamic Supreme Council and Imam and preacher of Al Aqsa Mosque from entering Al-Aqsa for six months.

Sheikh Sabri received a notification of interrogation and summoning upon his return from Saudi Arabia yesterday evening. When Sabri asked, through his lawyer Khaled Zbarqp, to postpone the appointment until another day, the occupation authorities refused and warned Sheikh Sabri to attend directly or a warrant will be issued for his arrest. Thus he was pressured into going to intelligence room No. 4 at the Centre of Arrest and Investigation "The Compound", in the west of Jerusalem, where he was handed the ban decision.

It is noteworthy that Sheikh Sabri has been delivering sermons at Al-Aqsa since 1973. The occupation authorities had previously issued several decisions condemning sacred figures in Jerusalem and banning internal Arabs from entering or approaching Al-Aqsa to certain distances referring to the last Itikaf (stay) at Al-Aqsa Mosque.


The decision against Sheikh Sabri was condemned by many clerics, national figures and institutions in Jerusalem and Palestine as they believe "Al-Aqsa Mosque is superior to be subject to the Israeli military decisions or to courts".

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