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B'Tselem": Israel has killed 1,500 Palestinians since the beginning of this year

February 28, 2014 at 12:23 am

An Israeli Human Rights report stated that: “Israeli army killed more than 1,500 Palestinian citizens, since the beginning of 2009, mostly during the last war in the Gaza Strip, which lasted for twenty-two days.”

The Israeli Organization “B’Tselem” said that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians claimed, over the past two decades, the lives of 8,900 people, the vast majority of them are Palestinians.

It explained that the Israeli occupation forces “killed 7,398 Palestinians, including 1,537 minors in Israel and the Palestinian territories over the past 20 years, in turn, Palestinians have killed 1,483 Israelis, pointing out that among the killed Israelis, 488 belonged to the Israeli security services.

In a report released to mark the twentieth anniversary of its founding, “B’Tselem”, added that the Israeli authorities destroyed, during the same period of time, about 4,300 Palestinian homes.

The organization said, in a declaration published in Israeli newspapers, “we are fed up, and people are also fed up, but four million people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip still ,until this moment, deprived of necessary human rights, those are more fed up than us.”

It stressed that, so far, this year witnessed the death of about 1,500 Palestinians, most of them was killed during the war by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip last winter. The report indicated that the war, which began on December 27, resulted in the deaths of 1387 Palestinians.