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Israeli jets strike Hezbollah targets on Lebanese-Syrian border

Israeli airplanes targeted on Monday facilities along the Lebanese-Syrian borders belonged to Hezbollah, killing several militants, Al-Arabia TV channel reported.

Several Lebanese news channels, newspapers and websites, including the official Lebanese news agency, reported the alleged Israeli airstrike. Al-Arabia said that the target was a military base belonged to Hezbollah and several Hezbollah militants were killed.

The Syrian Monitor for Human Rights said the Israeli strike targeted a "missile base" located at the Lebanese-Syrian borders belonged to Hezbollah. They said the base is used to take part in clashes in Syria.

Lebanese media reported early on Monday that Israeli jets were hovering over the city of Ba'albak in the Lebanese Valley. The Lebanese news website Al-Nashra reported jets struck twice in the area of the Syrian-Lebanese border. It did not mention what the target was.

Al-Arabia correspondent in Lebanon reported that loud explosions were heard across Al-Beqaa Valley. AFP reported residents of Nabi Cheet on the Lebanese side of the border seeing flare bombs light up the sky ahead of the raids and shook their houses.

Lebanese TV channel LBC said the raids targeted two illegal passages on the Lebanese-Syrian border used to smuggle weapons from Syria to Lebanon.

Israeli media said Israeli officials did not comment on the incident.

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