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Wall collapses at the Maghrabi Gate due to Israeli excavations

April 9, 2014 at 12:53 pm

Several homes were destroyed when a retaining wall collapsed near the Maghrabi Gate due to Israeli excavations under Al Aqsa Mosque; local residents reported today.

Omran Salaymeh, whose house was partially destroyed, said: “The 30 metre long wall collapsed at 4am on homes inhabited by four families, three for Al-Salahmeh family and the fourth for Al-Jabari family.”

Salaymeh said: “The neighbourhood’s residents near the Maghrabi Gate constantly hear sounds of drilling and bulldozers moving under the ground during the night.”

Meanwhile in the Jordan Valley, a Palestinian official said Israeli authorities evacuated more than 30 families from their homes to conduct military exercises today.

The Palestinian official news agency WAFA quoted the head of the Bedouin community Aref Daraghmeh saying: “At 7am, the Israeli authority evacuated nearly 30 families from the areas of Azra, Deir Abzik, Al- Bourj and Oyoun Al-Mayteh in the Jordan Valley to conduct military exercises in the region.”

On the same day the Israeli army arrested 16 Palestinians in the West Bank.