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Canadian students launch campaign to boycott Israeli Sabra Hummus

April 12, 2014 at 10:05 am

Students from Canada’s Ottawa University launched a campaign to boycott the Israeli company which produces Sabra Hummus saying the company’s revenues support the Golani Brigade of the Israeli army which kills Palestinians.

Israel’s Channel 7 published a statement issued by the students saying “they called for a boycott of the Israeli Sabra Hummus because the food company supports the Golani Brigade of the Israeli army and contributes to constructing of the apartheid wall in the West Bank.”

Susan Spronk, an associate professor at the university’s School of International Development and Global Studies said she supports boycotting Israeli products that are involved in the killing of innocent people or the establishment of the apartheid wall.

Spronk pointed out that the boycott campaigns have symbolic importance and their economic impact is real besides being peaceful means to bring about political or social change.

The New York Times newspaper said the Sabra Company is partially owned by the Israeli company Strauss and supports the Golani Brigade.

The campaign coincides with the annual Apartheid Week, which began in 250 cities around the world in order to compel Israel to respect international legitimacy.

Israel’s Geography Institute has released the results of a poll revealing that 67 per cent of Israelis believe the boycott will inflict great damage to the Israeli economy while Israeli economists believe Israel will lose about $20 billion as a result of the boycott. Nearly 30 per cent of Israeli companies will suffer as a result.