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Israel refuses to release the fourth batch of prisoners and sets new conditions

The Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Prisoners, Ziad Abu Ein, has confirmed in a statement on his social network Facebook page that Israel has refused to release the fourth batch of prisoners, and have tied their release to a new extension of negotiations and the application of terms in the new agreement.

Abu Ein has said that “the meeting between the Palestinian leadership and Martin Indyk, representative of the US state Department, concerning the release of the fourth batch of prisoners ended at dawn today without any results”.

Abu Ein added that “Israel and the result of its internal affairs wants to blow the US commitment to the agreement submitted to the Palestinian leadership without going to international organisations in exchange for releasing all the detainees detained before the Oslo agreement, who add up to 104 detainees, the release of which was approved originally by Israel”.

The Palestinian leadership has rejected these conditions, Abu Ein confirms, and said “We will not pay the price twice. We have paid the price of eight months of murder, settlement-building, aggression and detention”.

He pointed out that “the Palestinian leadership has made its position clear and confirmed that there will be negotiation on the initial agreement, and that Israel must adhere to what it had agreed upon and release the fourth batch of prisoners immediately without delay, and without adding any new requirements, abiding by all that was agreed upon, otherwise we will immediately look to break all our commitments without facing any institutions or international forums”.

Abu Ein concluded by saying “We are embarking upon a dangerous phase, and the prisoners are on the verge of explosion, and Israel and the US shall bear the responsibility of this”.

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