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Qatar will not change its foreign policy

Informed Qatari sources have ruled out that the decision to revoke Saudi, Bahraini and Emirati ambassadors from Doha would push Qatar to change its foreign policy, or to revoke its own ambassadors from these countries, Quds Press reported.

According to the sources, the disputes between Qatar and these countries are not based on issues related to the Gulf States, but based on Qatar's foreign policy and its stance towards the military coup in Egypt.

"Claims that Qatar supports terrorist organisations are absolutely false," the informed sources said. "Qatar is an inherent part of the Gulf."

Regarding a number of politicians and individuals, who are accused of affiliating to terrorist organisations hosted by Qatar, the sources said: "Qatar is obligated to its principles towards anyone who seeks refuge on its soil."

"The principle of Qatar hosting political and intellectual figures seeking refuge is a principle spread across all of the Gulf States."

Regarding the UAE, the sources said: "It hosts the remnants of the ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's regime." In relation to Saudi Arabia, sources said: "It hosts the remnants of the remnants of the ousted Tunisian President Bin Ali's regime."

"Many of the individuals in Qatar are not politicians and they entered into the country a long time before the military coup in Egypt."

The sources concluded: "Qatar will not change its position towards what is going on in the Arab countries."

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