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New party founded by former members of Ennahda obtains legal license

A former leader of Tunisia’s Ennahda Party announced on Wednesday that he has obtained the legal license for the establishment of his new party, which is expected to include former Ennahda members, according to Jordan’s Addustour newspaper.

Riyad Al-Shoeibi stated that his National Building Party had applied for a legal license and successfully obtained it on Wednesday. Al-Shoeibi, the secretary general of the new party, said in a press statement that the party will seek to alleviate the economic, social and political difficulties that the country is currently facing, noting that the party’s leaders support social cohesion and peace amongst all.

Al-Shoeib resigned from Ennahda in November after being a member of the Islamist party for three decades. He said that his new party will not be linked to political Islam and its membership will include a number of independent politicians from Ennahda and other parties, in addition to nationalist figures.

The party is expected to hold a press conference in the coming days to introduce its ideology and political platform and its plans for the next period.

In related news, Ennahda announced on its website that its leader in parliament, Sahbi Atiq, has resigned from his position without providing the reason for his resignation from chairing the party’s bloc in the Constituent Assembly.

Meanwhile, the Tunisian airlines Tunisair, which is undergoing a sharp financial crisis, faced a workers’ strike on Wednesday. The strike ended after the company’s director Rabih Garad, who is accused of financial corruption, was fired.

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