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Libyan Muslim Brotherhood: Haftar is trying to repeat the Egyptian scenario

The head of Libya's Muslim Brotherhood, Bashir Al-Kabti, said on Tuesday that he and his group operate under the umbrella of the rule of law. He rejected the accusations of terror made by the retired army general, Khalifa Haftar, and said that by announcing a freeze on the work of the National Congress, Haftar is trying to repeat the Egyptian scenario.

Kabti told the German news agency DPA in a phone interview that Haftar's plan to repeat what happened in Egypt would not be allowed to pass.

"I said in the past, this could never happen in Libya because all the Libyan people are armed. Every household has a pistol or a machine gun or an RPG, etc. All types of weapons are available on the streets. We are talking about 22 to 25 weapons spread throughout the streets," Kabti said, according to Alamat Online.

Kabti also rejected Haftar's statements, in which he promised to take to trial senior officials of the National Congress, the government and the Muslim Brotherhood over accusations of committing crimes against the Libyan people during their time in power. "We are part of the Libyan people. If there is a law adopted in the country and if it is proven that anyone in the country, from the Muslim Brotherhood or not, carried out acts of terror, evidence on this must be presented and this person must be arrested. We have no problem with this."


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