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Israeli airstrikes target charities, stadiums and parks

On day five of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip Israeli airstrikes take a new turn, targeting charities and public facilities, including stadiums and parks.

In the early morning, an Israeli fighter jet targeted Mabarat Al-Rahmah charity killing three disabled Palestinians and wounding several others.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Health Ashraf Al-Qidra said that the total number of deaths is now 121 and the wounded are more than 900. More than 200 houses were completely destroyed.

An airstrike targeted Al-Yarmouk stadium, the largest stadium on the Strip. Other strikes targeted Al-Maghazi and Al-Nusairat stadiums in the middle of the Gaza Strip.

In addition to Mabarat Al-Rahamah, Israeli airstrikes destroyed Al-We'am charity in the north of the Strip and destroyed two mosques in the south. They also destroyed a branch of the National Islamic Bank in Khan Younis.

The Israeli occupation army announced that it attacked 60 targets and this brings the number of targets from the beginning of the war to 1160.

Israeli officials claim to be targeting terrorists, yet it is clear that most of the targets are civilians and civilian facilities.


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