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Turkish human rights commission to hold emergency meeting following Israeli invasion of Gaza

Turkey's Human Rights Investigation Commission will hold an emergency meeting this afternoon in response to Israel's ground assault on the Gaza Strip which started late last night, the chairman of the organisation said earlier today.

In a statement to Anadolu news agency, Ayhan Sefer Ustun said that following the meeting the commission will issue a statement condemning the Israeli aggression.

He added: "Israel is not content with the number of people killed since its air raids on the Strip began on July 7; it is escalating its aggression to a ground invasion to kill more innocent people."

Ustun said: "At the conclusion of the meeting, expected at 12.15pm on Friday [today], we will issue a joint statement to condemn the Israeli attacks," pointing out that all members of parliament and of the committee have been told about the time of the meeting.

Adding: "Israel is the only apartheid regime in the 21st century. It started a ground operation to massacres and slaughter Palestinians in Gaza. We strongly condemn these inhuman acts carried out by the racist state."

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