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Hamas: Netanyahu’s statement signals ‘victory for the resistance’

The Islamic resistance movement Hamas called the statement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he cannot guarantee the success of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip “a tacit acknowledgment of defeat”, Anadolu news agency reported.

Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesperson for the movement, said in a brief statement that Netanyahu’s remarks about not being able to guarantee the achievement of a complete victory in Gaza is a tacit acknowledgment of defeat in face of the resistance.

Despite the increasing international outcry over the number of Palestinian civilian casualties, Netanyahu declared that Israel “will continue its military operations in the Gaza Strip”.

Following his meeting with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in Jerusalem on Thursday, Netanyahu said: “We have started the ground operation in order to deal with the tunnels system, and it is actually being handled. It is true that there are no 100 per cent guarantees for our victory, but the [Israeli occupation army] has achieved concrete achievements on the ground and we will continue with this operation.”

Hammond had told Sky News earlier on Thursday that, “the West is losing sympathy for Israel as civilian [Palestinian] deaths mount during its offensive in Gaza,” adding that he would be communicating this message to the Israelis.

Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip started on 7 July under the name “Operation Protective Edge”. Since the military assault began, Israel has killed more than 800 Palestinians and injured more than 5,000, mostly civilians.

On the other side, 32 Israeli soldiers and two Israeli civilians were reported dead, as well as more than 435 wounded by accidents in response to warning sirens and rocket attacks.

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