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The first appearance of the Hilwan Brigades: We are fed up with the peacefulness of the Muslim Brotherhood

Masked man speaking to the Camera:

……in Sinai, at Rabaa, at Al-Nahda, at the Republican Guards, at the Platform, at the Monument and elsewhere, we dealt with the Interior Ministry with peace and we treated the army with peace. We proclaimed it to be peaceful. We paid with blood what we paid and we paid with our banishment what we paid until we became fed up with the peacefulness of the Muslim Brotherhood. We are not [members of the] Muslim Brotherhood. We got fed up with their peacefulness in rallies and other activities.

We would go out and then the blood is shed, women are raped and properties are stolen [by security forces]. This is a warning to the Interior Ministry in South Cairo. This is what we can afford [for the time being], at the level of south Cairo in all its zones and divisions: you will be targeted. This is what we shall say: you are to be targeted for what you have done to us. You have not feared the Almighty Allah. You have shown no consideration for the fact that we are your brothers. You have shown no consideration for anything. You have shed the bloods and stepped on them. You have raped the women. You have impregnated the Muslim women.

We have not heard anyone from amongst you object to these actions or call perpetrators to account. That is because you are coup perpetrators and because this army of yours is the army of Camp David for what it has done to the Muslims, that has been doing this to the Muslims for 60 years. Not a single bullet was fired against the [Israeli] Jews, and when they first fired, the soldiers aimed at their own folks, at their brothers and sisters, and at their own people. For 60 years, what did the army do? Our life has been full of misery and misery and misery and poverty, poverty, poverty. We can only complain to God.

And the people are the ones who pay the price. The people pay the cost. There has to be a group of people who seek to exact justice and respond to what these [troops] have perpetrated and what the Interior Ministry in particular have done. They have forgotten January 25 and the day of rage on January 28. They have forgotten what the people did with them. Rather than reconcile themselves with the people they took a hostile position. Why? You think that the army will protect you? OK, do what you want to do please. You did what you did and now you compel peaceful people like us to carry arms.

We did not want to carry arms but you are the ones who forced us to resort to it to defend ourselves, to defend our women, to defend this land. We want what is best for Egypt, we love Egypt and wish it well and we wish the people well. We seek justice. We seek equality. We want to see piety in this country. We want what is good for this country. We would be willing to lay down these arms and hand them over the army if the army is willing to fear God, but the army is aiding the Interior Ministry in killing us and is aiding the Interior Ministry in raping women. It is aiding the Interior Ministry in 'torture parties', and there are so many of them [posted] on YouTube and on the net, torture parties that take place in police stations across the country. We seek refuge and help from God.

Another masked man shouting and other masked men repeat behind him: No peace with the Interior Ministry, No peace with the Interior Ministry, No peace with the Interior Ministry.

Takbir: Allaho Akbar. We do it for the sake of God.

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