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Jafari Shias demand probe into the slaughter of Sunnis

The Iraqi Jafari Shia council condemned the “terrorist massacres” and “genocide” of Sunnis in Iraq by “the gangs of Nouri Al-Maliki and Iran”, a statement said yesterday.

The Jafari Shias strenuously condemned the killing of 70 Sunni worshippers during Friday prayers in the Diyala province last week, dismissing it as “a brutal assault by sectarian militias” and a “crime against humanity”.

In its statement, the council called for an international investigation into the mosque massacre, and the prosecution of culprits.

They added that the international community’s silence towards the genocide committed against Iraq’s Sunni population “encourages the Iranian and Iraqi regimes to carry on their sectarian project in a way which secures the objectives and demands of their allied terrorist groups.”


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