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Gaza destroys five tonnes of unexploded Israeli bombs

The explosives engineering division in the Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip yesterday destroyed around five tonnes of unexploded bombs that were launched by the Israeli army on the sector during their latest assault.

Imad Al-Amasi, director of the division, told the Anadolu news agency: “Today, we were able to successfully destroy the remnants of the Israeli occupation’s bombs, which were dropped during Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip on the cities of Rafah and Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip, but did not explode.”

An Anadolu reporter was present during when the bombs were destroyed, which occurred in an open area, west of Khan Yunis.

Al-Amasi said that the materials, which were “heavy bombs, missiles of different sizes, types and shapes, and artillery shells” were collected from different residential and border areas that were subject to bombing or ground invasion.

He said approximately “five tonnes” of munitions had been collected from the areas of Khan Yunis and Rafah as a first stage.

Work is still being carried out to retrieve unexploded bombs from other areas in the Gaza Strip in order to destroy them.

On August 13, five people were killed, including two explosives engineers and two journalists, and six others were injured when an unexploded Israeli rocket detonated in the northern Gaza Strip.

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