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What does Gaza’s victory mean?

Gaza triumphed in spite of those who hate the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, the Arab Zionists who wished that Israel would have eliminated them forever. They offered their support to the Zionist enemy through all possible means, including financial, moral, and political. However, God thwarted their plans as the resistance persevered and their combative creativity stunned not only the enemy, but their allies as well. The resistance caused confusion and concerns focused on stopping the war by any means possible in order to protect Israel, who begged for protection, and without appearing to their people as though they were helping their Zionist “cousins”.

They made speeches and statements saying that a cease-fire must be reached in order to protect the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who were being killed in the thousands and whose buildings and institutions were destroyed as the ground burned under their feet. They used this as a pretext to say that Hamas had been defeated and brought nothing more to Gaza than destruction and devastation.

The Zionists have been shamed by their defeat and labelled as villains and cowards who were seeking revenge on the resistance and its bravery by killing defenceless Gazans, far from the battlefield, which they fled from once the Zionist soldiers launched the ground invasion. However, they were only able to get a few metres into Gaza before the resistance taught them a lesson they would never forget.

Indeed, the resistance in Gaza did triumph, but I did not want the ceasefire to be reached before the airport and seaport were granted to the authority in Gaza and before international guarantees were made. I also had not hoped that the agreement would be reached through mediation with the coup-led government in Egypt, but a geographic dictatorship was stronger than our hopes.

Everything aside, I believe that the most important benefit of this brutal war is the revival of the Palestinians cause amongst the free people of the world. The cause had taken a back seat for many years during which the Arab nations were preoccupied with their conflicts and fights against their Arab Zionist rulers and believed that Palestine could not be liberated until the Arab countries were liberated from their Zionist rulers. Their cause is one and their close bond and ties cannot be severed and time has clearly proven this.

This fierce war also revived the spirit of resistance in the souls of all the Palestinians inside the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the occupied Palestinians territories after it had died when the deceptive Oslo Accords were signed. The Oslo Accords numbed the fight of the Palestinian people and drove them to put down their rifles and sit at the same table with the Zionist usurpers to negotiate and exchange the land of their forefathers, despite the fact that they believed what had been taken by force could only be restored by force.

The resistance proved this in Gaza when they liberated their land from the defilement of the Zionists. From today, the Palestinians must promote, no negotiations with the enemy except with weapons, your enemy and ours is a deceitful enemy that only understands the language of force.

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