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Hamdallah: Rebuilding Gaza is a top priority

Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said that his government will work to find radical solutions to the problem of the staff in the Gaza Strip soon.

Speaking at a news conference after the first cabinet meeting in Gaza City earlier today, Hamdallah said that the government’s trip to Gaza today was not just a visit, but it will working between Gaza and the West Bank.

He stressed that the cabinet meeting today worked to establish a new phase of unity work, explaining that the government has taken it upon itself to unify all institutions in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem.

He added: “On this occasion, we must look forward and forget what has happened, we have to re-build our beloved Strip, and I assure you that Gaza will remain a top priority for the government.”

Hamdallah pointed out that “Gaza is an important part of the national project, and without it, there is no project, and what we’ve seen today confirms that the destruction of Gaza needs a lot, and we have to give hope to the people of Gaza and to work with international institutions to lift the siege.”

“I do not want to say that things are easy, and we need international efforts and billions of dollars to rebuild the devastated Gaza Strip.”

He stressed that the government will provide hundreds of thousands of jobs for the unemployed, noting that the government is determined to end the division and its negative repercussions and to maintain national unity above all else.

The prime minister stressed that the government has completed all the necessary detailed plans for submission to the Gaza Reconstruction Conference to be held in Cairo on October 12.

MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad

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