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Al-Aqsa ignites a revolution that will triumph

These days, the Palestinian cause is going through an exceptional phase, while the Arab and Muslim world are experiencing a very complicated time. I do not need to point out that Palestine is a part of our nation and is affected both negatively and positively by what happens to the nation.

However, Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine, at the heart of which is Al-Aqsa Mosque, will continue to act as the nation's compass, a sign of affiliation and an unmistakable guide amid the abyss of political events and developments in Palestine, the Arab world and internationally. According to Palestinian history, Al-Aqsa is the place where all the Palestinian national wills meet, and I can say that Jerusalem and national unity are two faces of the Palestinian struggle that will be rewarded with victory.

There have been repeated Zionist attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque recently and, in the background, there has been talk of dividing the mosque in terms of time and space, which has not gone unnoticed, in light of the unprecedented and fanatical settler attacks on our land. It is as if the Zionist enemy wants to steal as much of our land, olives, blood and rights as it can in order to wait comfortably for a negotiator to come later and then the enemy can demand a political gain in exchange for merely a fraction of what they stole.

There are many harsh conditions that have been exploited by the occupation and used against our people and sanctities. There is no doubt that the difficult and complicated situation of the Arab world is one of the top factors that emboldened the occupation to do so.

After the blessed operation carried out by the hero martyr Moataz Hijazi, the occupation authorities embarked on a very dangerous escalation; i.e. completely closing Al-Aqsa Mosque all day Thursday. However, the escalation and suffocation of the people and their discontent did not simply start after this incident, and Moataz did not commit this action for no reason.

The occupation state had already declared war on Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, but a few weeks ago this war took some serious and dangerous turns. Security and military measures were intensified on the city of Jerusalem and Israel increased the restrictions on the worshippers permitted to enter Al-Aqsa Mosque, while it allowed large groups of extremists entry into the mosque and to desecrate the courtyard in an attempt to impose time and space divisions.

There have also been repeated and continued Zionist attempts to target the people of Jerusalem and uproot them from their homes and forcibly remove them from the city by means of restrictions, suffocation, incitement, and the confiscation of the Jerusalemites' identification cards. This suggests that there will be dangerous repercussions that will turn the tables on the Israeli officials and leaders who were the masterminds of these escalations, beginning with Netanyahu, who instructed his security services to exercise the maximum level of oppression and violence against the Jerusalemites and those staging sit-ins in Al-Aqsa. He also instructed the same to be done to the mass movement and popular uprising that began in a number of neighbourhoods in Jerusalem in response to the violations against Al-Aqsa. This sparked panic and fear in the hearts of the occupation who fear that a third Intifada will start from the heart of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.

The settlement interests and ambitions that the occupation is establishing in occupied Jerusalem have especially continued and are now raging more and more every day. The UN Human Rights Council said that settlements have doubled over the past four years. During a press conference held a few days ago, Cees Flinterman, member of the council, talked about the suffering of Palestinians and property owners in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Those who are calling for traveling to Al-Aqsa to protect it are aware of the role assigned to them, which includes confronting the occupation's attempts to impose a new status quo inside Al-Aqsa and its courtyards. They are remaining perseverant and are holding on to their land, and a popular uprising that has reached the streets of the occupied West Bank has also started, including the cities of Hebron and Nablus, even reaching the streets of Gaza, which still has not recovered from its wounds.

This uprising is proof that our great people are holding on to the reins of the struggle initiative and are sparking revolutionary action whenever they have a chance. This is another victory and encouragement to add on to the victories during "Operation Protective Edge", "Operation Pillar of Defence", and "Operation Cast Lead", as well as the first and second Intifadas, not to mention the countless other national struggles. This is proof that the Palestinian collective consciousness will no longer accept humiliation on any level.

I would like to point out that these serious violations, which have been addressed by the UN councils, were committed against our people, the people to whom Moataz belongs, and were committed against the land that Al-Aqsa Mosque still stands on. After all these violations, can the oppressed be blamed if they carry swords in order to prevent the oppressor from committing such crimes?

The Palestinian people today, led by the resistance groups, demand that the people unite more than ever, and this is what is happening after the calls in protest of the Zionist crimes have united. This is just the beginning. We need to use this unity and follow through on this step by restricting the PLO and making it a unifying national framework that will support the Palestinian national project. In addition to this, the national project must be re-build in accordance with a new comprehensive and approved strategy. We must stop the stalling and procrastination exercised by those dominating the PLO and holding its keys in an attempt to continue to monopolise and control the PLO.

The Palestinian Authority is expected to remove its security grip on the Palestinian people in the West Bank, and to allow them to demonstrate, escalate mass and popular activities and movements in the face of the occupation and defend Al-Aqsa and all national issues. Such issues must be adopted by the PA and defended by it and the PA should mobilise the people, guide them, and encourage them to champion these issues instead of gagging them, pursuing the resistance, and preventing the masses from getting angry.

The Palestinian Authority must also put an end to its security coordination with the occupation after its rabid attack on Al-Aqsa and allow our angry people to confront the occupation face-to-face and ignite the Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Intifada. The PA must stop boasting about the fact that it is preventing a new Intifada; such positions do not warrant boasting, they warrant shame.

The positions of the PA and the Arab and Muslim governments are still weak and very minimal and do not match the danger and seriousness of what Al-Aqsa is being subject to. This requires a large-scale Palestinian, Arab and Islamic movement and harnessing all their energies and capabilities into defending Al-Aqsa and addressing the issue with all seriousness and strength in all international forums. They must also pressure the enemy by means of its allies in Europe and America and focus the media on covering Al-Aqsa and the threats posed to it.

Doesn't Al-Aqsa Mosque deserve an Arab and Islamic summit to be held to discuss ways to respond to the Zionist aggression? It was the reason for which the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) was established after the burning of Al-Aqsa in 1968. During that year, the burning of Al-Aqsa warranted an Islamic summit and the establishment of an international organisation, but today, its division and Judaisation elicits no reaction from the nations' leaders. These leaders' condemnation is not enough and Al-Aqsa will remain an important test and an unmistakable means to measure who supports the nation and its sanctities and who stands by helplessly.

All of the ZIonists' attempt to Judaise Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem, the attempts to divide the first Muslim qiblah in terms of time and space, and all of the conspiracies and attacks will not change the historical and religious facts that Al-Aqsa has been and will eternally be a purely Islamic mosque and there will never be at the Al-Aqsa Mosque was and will remain so forever mosque purely Islamic, and that there will be Zionist custody of it.

The continued Zionist provocations and the challenging of our people's feelings, as well as the feelings of all the Muslims around the world is enough to ignite an angry revolution and unleash their wrath against the occupation and the settlers.

Supporting the option of steadfastness and resistance is the only way and there is no alternative in order to defend Al-Aqsa against any imminent danger. Activating the resistance in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and all of our occupied land will be the greatest response to the Zionist attack. The occupation and the settlers can only be deterred by resistance and Al-Aqsa can only be defended with the sacrifice of lives and blood, and relentless Jihad against the occupier.

The delusion of negotiations has not achieved anything for our people. It has not restored even one metre of our occupied land and has not protected our people, land, Jerusalem, or our holy sites.

Our nation must support us and anyone who believes that what is happening in the Arab countries today is isolated from Palestine is mistaken. The international calculation of any variable or development in our region is mainly based on the interests of Israel, and no one disputes the fact that its main project is to destroy our entire nation, not just the Palestinian cause. The entire nation, including all of its capabilities, components, and efforts are expected to play a major role because our bloodshed is one, our desired freedom is one, and our futures are integrated.

Translated from Al Jazeera net, 4 November, 2014

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Monitor.

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