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Bouteflika seeks closer ties with Morocco

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika yesterday expressed his commitment to forging closer ties with the Kingdom of Morocco.

Bouteflika's statements came at the peak of the diplomatic crisis between the neighbouring countries.

The Algerian premier sent a congratulatory letter for the 59th anniversary of Moroccan independence to King Mohamed VI. The letter was the first official statement made by Bouteflika after he returned from a trip to France to seek medical attention.

The letter said: "I wish to re-iterate my interest in restoring the fraternal relationship that exists between our two countries on all levels so that our people may benefit from these relations."

"It is with great pride evoked by this precious occasion that I acknowledge the cohesion and fraternal synergy achieved by our two countries during the enormous sacrifices made by our people in our joint heroic struggles against French colonialism, as we struggled to retrieve our sovereignty and independence," Bouteflika continued.

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