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HRW calls for Egypt to probe 'excessive use of force'

The New York-based Human Rights Watch called on Sunday for "an independent investigation into the [Egyptian] authorities' excessive use of force" to quell "apparently peaceful protests".

"Four years after Egypt's revolution, police are still killing protesters on a regular basis," Human Rights Watch's Sarah Leah Whitson, director of the Middle East and North Africa programme said.

She added: "While President Al-Sisi was at Davos burnishing his international image, his security forces were routinely using violence against Egyptians participating in peaceful demonstrations."

Egyptian Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim criticised HRW saying: "This organisation has never been objective in its reports." He went on to blame the Muslim Brotherhood for the violence.

Ibrahim said: "We arrested 516 elements from the Muslim Brotherhood group who were involved in firing ammunition, planting explosives and bombing some facilities."

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