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Palestinian officials object to Palestinian-Israeli gas deal

February 18, 2015 at 10:25 am

A number of Palestinian officials, NGO representatives and activists yesterday announced their absolute refusal of the Palestinian-Israeli gas deal and the idea that Palestinians buy gas from Israel, reported.

Members of Fatah’s Central Committee, National Committee for Boycotting Israel, Independent Committee for Human Rights, Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and other activists knew about the gas deal and, in a press conference held in Ramallah, announced their refusal of it.

They called for turning to other international markets such as Venezuela, Turkey, Qatar etc.

Fatah’s Central Committee member Abbas Zaki said that importing gas from Israel is a “strategic mistake” that gives room for Israel to control the Palestinian economy. He noted that the gas is part of a conflict among Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Syrian, Turkey and Cyprus.”

PLC member Khalida Jarrar reiterated that the deal was officially signed by the Palestinian side, noting that it is important to undermine the deal in cooperation with the PLC as well as the Jordanian parliament.

Head of the Accountability and Transparency Coalition Azmi Al-Shoaibi said that the Palestinian government is a basic partner in the deal and it refused to give a copy of the contracts to his coalition.

The head of the Palestinian Power Authority, Omar Kittaneh, agreed to a gas memorandum, according to which Israel is to supply more than $1 million of gas over a 20 year period to the Palestine Electricity Company.