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South African student body wants plight of Palestinians taught in schools

A body representing South African students yesterday called on the Ministry of Basic Education to include the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation in the school curriculum as an example of the “anti-colonial struggle”, the Anadolu Agency reported.

President of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS), Sandra Baloyi told reporters at the headquarters of the ruling African National Congress Party that “COSAS has received a positive response from the Department of Basic Education and will be officially meeting with the Ministry of Basic Education next week.”

Baloyi pointed out that during their meeting with the minister they will discuss a number of issue which include the compulsory inclusion of the Palestinian struggle against Israel into the school curriculum as an anti-colonial struggle.

“In particular, the comparison between South African apartheid and Israeli apartheid to be explained within the curriculum,” Baloyi stressed.

COSAS also plans to demand the Ministry of Basic Education to send a student delegation to Palestinian schools to meet with their Palestinian counterparts to learn about their suffering.

COSAS Gauteng provincial secretary, Khulekani Skosana said: “We feel we cannot be South African students who are not feeling the pain of other students in the world.”

“We refuse to accept tainted money from Israeli organisations, the Israeli government and other entities sympathetic to the Israeli government,” he said.

COSAS urged the Department of Basic Education to ban such funding.

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