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Israeli official calls for ban on Palestinians using roads taken by Israelis

Former Head of Israeli General Security Services Avi Dichter called for laying roads especially for Israelis instead of roads used by Israelis and Palestinians, Qudsnet reported yesterday.

Qudsnet said Israeli TV Channel 7 reported Dichter calling for "setting up checkpoints for the precise inspection of Palestinians who are forced to use Israeli roads. This is after they are inspected before using the road."

Dichter added: "The checkpoints also have a political significance because we will be separated from [the Palestinians] at the end. We will be here and they will be there."

The Likud MK also said: "The solution for the movement problem for Israelis and Palestinians is setting up separate places for both sides, where Israelis cannot use Israeli vehicles to get into Palestinian areas and the Palestinians cannot use Palestinian vehicles to get into Israeli areas."

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