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Netanyahu to Putin: ‘I came to prevent misunderstandings between our forces’

September 22, 2015 at 1:25 pm

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that his visit to Russia yesterday is aimed at “preventing misunderstandings” between his country’s forces, and Russian troops in Syria.

Netanyahu said, at the beginning of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin: “Israel and Russia share the common interest of ensuring stability in the Middle East. And I am here because of the security situation, which has become more complicated on the northern border, and to ensure that there will not be any misunderstandings between our forces.”

Netanyahu addressed Putin saying: “As you know, in recent years and even more so in recent months, Iran and Syria have been arming the radical terrorist organisation Hezbollah with advanced weapons, which are aimed at us. Over the years, thousands of rockets and missiles have been fired on our cities.”

“Meanwhile, Iran, as the benefactor of the Syrian army, is trying to build a second terror front against us from the Golan. Our policy is to thwart the flow of these weapons, and to prevent the establishment of a new terror front and attacks against us from the Golan.”

The Russian president said: “We are aware of the artillery against Israel and we condemn it. I know that these attacks are being carried out by unofficial local systems. We know that the Syrian army is in no state to open a new front.”

“Our main goal is to protect the Syrian state. Nonetheless, I understand your concern and I am very glad you came here to discuss the issue in details.”
Media reports said that Russia recently deployed military reinforcements and crews to the Syrian city of Latakia.

The Pentagon expressed its belief that Russia is attempting to “establish an advanced air operations base in the region”.

Meanwhile, Russia maintains close relations with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his regime, and provides him with military and political support.