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Gaza: A history

Book Author(s) :
Jean-Pierre Filiu
Published Date :
May 2015
Publisher :
C Hurst & Co Ltd
Paperback :
422 pages
ISBN-13 :
Review by :
Diana Alghoul

Written by historian Jean Pierre Filiu, a professor of Middle East Studies at Paris School of International Affairs, this book gives an in-depth account of Gaza’s ancient history and shows that many people have sought to occupy it over millennia. Professor Filiu puts the history of Gaza into the context of its geographic significance, which gave it the potential to secure the economies and armies of its occupiers, but also constantly put the people of Gaza at humanitarian disadvantage. His book has summarised thousands of years of complex history in a manner that makes it suitable for people of all academic abilities; it is a vital text if we want to understand Gaza in its wider context.

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