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Egyptians launch anti-Sisi Twitter campaign

Egypt’s April 6 Youth Movement today launched a Twitter hashtag from its official account calling activists to share their vision, dreams, ambitions and demands, Anadolu reported.

The hashtag in Arabic read #ما_بعد_السيسي meaning what is after Al-Sisi, the current military Egyptian president.

Anadolu said that this hashtag discusses the situation of the country after 17 months of having Al-Sisi in office.

Since its inception, the hashtag has seen activists tweet anti-Sisi posts. One of the tweets reads: “Youths would like to lead Egypt’s future. Then, the world will respectfully look at the Egyptians who protect their country and their citizens.”

On 28 April, the April 6 Movement was outlawed and its coordinator was arrested and has been detained until today.

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