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Egypt dismisses parliament workers blacklisted by newspapers

Dozens of workers in the offices of the Egyptian parliament were prevented from attending their work after they were blacklisted as “terrorist” by private Egyptian newspapers, Quds Press reported yesterday.

One of the workers was accused of working with Daesh as he was absent from work for a long time, while other were said to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood, April Six Movement and Rebellious Communist movement.

The Egyptian newspapers Al-Watan and Al-Bawabah published a story claiming the Egyptian parliament has been “penetrated” by groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Daesh.

The two newspapers published full details about these alleged “terrorists”, and said that 65 of them were immediately offered alternative positions and that there is a plan to dismiss a further 200.

Al-Watan published what it called a secret report in which it said that there are currently 85 “terrorists” in the parliament.

The newspaper claimed that the former Shura Council and the chief of the majority in the parliament had approved leave for Muslim Brotherhood members within the parliament to travel and learn how carry out terrorist acts inside Egypt.

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