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Mauritanian journalists’ syndicate organises solidarity event for al-Qeeq

The Syndicate of Mauritanian Journalists (SJM) and the National League to support the Palestinian People have organised a solidarity activity in support of Palestinian journalist Muhammad Al-Qeeq, who has been on hunger strike for more than 90 days.

SJM President Ahmed Salem Ould Mokhtar Salem said the activity is an expression of solidarity and support for the Palestinian people.

Salem called on international press associations and human rights groups to take effective and swift action to save Qeeq’s life.

Qeeq, who was detained by the Israeli authorities without charge or trial, began his hunger strike on 25 November and is now in a critical condition.

President of the Mauritanian Bar Association Cheikh Ould Hendi has called for letters to be sent to the United Nations Office in Mauritania, demanding them to pressure the Israeli authorities to release Palestinian prisoners.

Faiha’a Shalash, Muhammad’s wife, told those taking part in the action during a phone call: “Mohammed did not go on hunger strike to harm himself or his two children who are waiting every minute for him to come back but wanted to tell the Israelis: ‘Our decision is to live free or die with dignity.’”

Shalash said these solidarity activities are a confirmation that Muhammad’s case is not a Palestinian issue but an Arab, Islamic and global one.

Shalash warned that her husband’s health situation is very critical and said that he suffers bouts of severe pain.

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